What Is Kesri Panne

To service whole humanity & mother language Punjabi, a small present kesaripane.com is constituted.

What is the Kesaripanne ?

A small gift dedicated to whole humanity and mother tongue, 'Kesari page.com' (www.kesripanne.com).

Considering the needs of today, a software called "Anmol Gift" has been developed which is described on Download Anmol Tofa. This has made it much easier to exchange Punjabi's font swap from English.

You can advertise your business in accordance with your wishes but do it beautifully. If you want to save the newspaper as a history, make a photo (jpg file etc) but post news for searching later. Write down (heading) carefully.

If you are also fond of people's welfare service, then place the gurdwaras, temples, mosques, churches, hospitals and other public welfare locations with a single phone or photo so that they can meet someone's needs.

You can put a photo on your phone. A photo platform, idiom, proverb or a word for a lost heritage of Punjabi, a good platform firm to handle any words that may work.

From here you can download Gurmukhi font with which you can write 100 percent Gurbani

You can submit information about your skills so that the needy can contact you.

You can also find your information in Hindi and English besides Hindi.

You can save photos of all kinds of events and find them when needed. Click on this link to see how?

Essential Requests: You can write on your computer or with the help of a keyword from our website. You can not change your recorded photo but you can do another new entry. If tax is old, write ID number and send us we will be excluded. If you want to save as history, leave it alone. We will leave it on our own. Our site is family, we can not misuse this, so there is no change in photo facility.

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"Service to Humanity"

Since 2009, Kesri Panne is providing the non-profitable service to the whole humanity to promote Punjabi Language and contents in the language.

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  • Social Service
  • Business Advertisements
  • Gurmukhi Font
  • Newspaper Clips


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    Satpal Singh Purewal

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